Season 2
Season Run January 5, 2018
Winner(s) MikeySlayz


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The Jungle
The Challenge: Change-Up is the 2nd season of the Roblox The Challenge series. It premiered on January 5th, 2018.


We're heading to another Roblox Original Game by SallyStarbucks, where this second season will consist of a series of challenge that will test each players ability to work with a partner. Twenty new and old faces will arrive to face off to win their share of a half million dollars in cash and prizes. But only one duo of competitors will walk away with the grand prize of $150,000 in the final mission. Let The Change-Up begin!


Player Original season Finish
MikeySlayz Change-Up Winner
TheyloveDiamondfr The Jungle
Pathammavong Change-Up Runner-Up
Shayhz Change-Up
jamieblue03 Change-Up Third Place
squirrelgirl152 Change-Up
KylieScartz Change-Up Episode 7
Marcussx Change-Up
Judixo Change-Up Episode 6
Scream ed The Jungle
Audaire Change-Up Episode 5
Sanik202 Change-Up
Mojo725 Change-Up Episode 4
iAidann Change-Up
Slaylah Change-Up Episode 3
Samuelll Change-Up Episode 2
Tjlavin Change-Up
DreamDollisHere33 Change-Up Episode 1
dukiej Change-Up
Steve 07 The Jungle

Game Summary

Elimination Chart

  • An elimination chart will be uploaded here.


  • In Episode 3, Slaylah announced her departure to the game. As a result, Judixo, who had been previously eliminated by the Purge, was brought back to compete in her place.
  • In Episode 4, Mojo725 announced his departure to the game. As a result, Shayhz, who has been previously eliminated with her partner, iAidann, was brought back to compete in his place.

Elimination Progress

  • The elimination progress will be uploaded here.


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