Steve 07
Steve 07CollisionIcon
Original Season The Jungle
Game Summary
Challenges The Jungle
Eliminations 1 (0 wins, 1 loss)


The Jungle

Bio: Often times within The Challenge Fandoms, Steve is not taken as seriously as he should be. Although he hasn't proven to be the fiercest of competitors, he has shown that he has a huge heart for the game. Steve is an active member of C&R Game Shows and will do whatever it takes to get to the title. 

Episode Challenge Result
1 The Over Under OUT


Bio: After a devastating first boot in the first season of the series, Steve is returning with his head held high. He won't be backing down this time around, he will be playing his heart out as no one can beat his determination and love for the game. Often times, Steve is viewed as a potential early boot, but can Steve prove them wrong this time around? 

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 The Purge N/A OUT


Bio: Steve does not believe he's coming into this season with a good reputation. Being the first boot two seasons in a row is never a look that someone wants to have. Many people would quit after these devastating events, but not Steve. Steve has the determination and will power to get himself to the end. Will his third time be the charm? Or will Steve be an early boot again?

Episode Challenge Team Result
1 Fortified Second Chancers WIN


The Jungle

Episode Jungle Opponent Result
1 In The Trenches Scream OUT


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